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OEM solutions

OEM Solutions

Innovative lighting solutions based on LED usage. Designed in line with customer specifications. Everything from a single source; from the initial design concept to production.
Lighting Solutions for Industry

MENTOR has been successfully designing effective customised LED lighting solutions for different sectors in industry for years. A broad range of various kinds of technology is applied producing these solutions.

Lighting Solutions for the Automotive Industry

As a specialist in optoelectronics and fibre optic systems, MENTOR is a first-tier supplier for prestigious automobile manufacturers and creates lighting solutions for both day and night, for interior and exterior lighting needs.

Tunable White

MENTOR develops and manufactures LED Tunable White applications in line with customised specifications and so allows the customer to benefit from the kinds of opportunities this technological trend provides.

RGB Colour Light Solutions

On the basis of modern RGB LED systems MENTOR develops colour light solutions for applications where it is decisive to have a homogeneous coloured picture and the perfect synchronisation of several RGB light sources.