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More and more designers, development engineers and product managers are recognising the benefits of incorporating innovative lighting concepts into their products. Light not only adds functionality to a product, but it also delivers an extra “emotional” dimension to create a clear differentiation compared with the competition. MENTOR has provided specialist LED-based lighting solutions for many years, across many different market sectors. From concept to production.

Customized Light Design

The range of custom lighting solutions that MENTOR can provide are as diverse as the requirements of our customers. Light guide options include: precision faces; multiple prisms; specialist reflective coatings; polymer optics; custom reflectors; specialised diffusers shapes; and much more. Using advanced LED technology, MENTOR can provide customised designs for the most sophisticated of lighting applications.

Light guides with laser engraving or additional reflector coatings for perfect light homogeneity: this production method is suitable for when tool-based production is not economical.

Illumination Optics: Classic customised polymer optics for focused light with defined radiation patterns.

Complex systems: consisting of LED modules with specialist optic components eg polymer optics, reflectors or diffusers.

For applications where space is restricted miniaturized light guides as thin as one millimeter can be provided as illustrated on the left.

Surface light guides: for homogeneous illumination. The example above was produced using 200,000 computer-calculated micro-prisms.

Injection moulded light guides: made from specially-selected, high-performance plastics, they are particularly suited to automotive applications.
Solutions from a single source

Taking customers specific requirements as the starting point, MENTOR produces custom lighting components in five stages. From the initial design concept, all the way through to manufacture.

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When it comes to light solutions, these and many more customers rely on technology and expertise from MENTOR.