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Signal Indicators 2271

04. Nov 2009 | MENTOR’s new signal indicators are used as signal or warning light in key pads for instance in order to indicate visually switch status. They are suitable especially for the design of input systems below control foils and are the perfect complement to MENTOR’s illuminable push button caps which were introduced just recently.

The new type 2-component design with a nontransparent housing and a diffuser disc, which forms the base of the push button cap range, too, guarantees even illumination of the signal indicator. The customer chooses the SMD LEDs on his own: the signal indicators can be equipped with various LED construction design and different colors. By combining push button caps and signal indicators of the 2271 series individual key pad solutions can be easily realized – the result is always a control panel that is perfectly illuminated.

The signal indicators are available in the two well-known sizes (19 x 19 mm and 15 x 15 mm) and heights (9.7 mm and 12.5 mm). Naturally, special executions with different dimensions are available on request.

Aside from the standard signal indicators with neutral diffuser discs as regards color dyed variants are also available. Thus, multi-color key pads can be realized without the costly imprinting of foils, too, and possible switch status can be indicated in color also in the off-line operation of LEDs. Made-to-order adjustments of color are possible as well.

Further information and layout proposals are put together in the new Signal Indicator/ Push button cap brochure, which can be ordered here free of charge or downloaded.

Signal Indicator 2271