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Pushbutton cap/signal indicator for inscription inserts

04. Aug 2011 | Building on the principle of the well-known MENTOR pushbutton caps, the „pushbutton cap for individual inscription inserts“ consists of a standard 2-component housing, a modified diffuser cover and an additional panel for clipping on.

The perfect synthesis of the structural components ensures exceptionally homogeneous illumination of the pushbutton – and that with the use of just two LEDs, although it is of course possible to use up to four LEDs. The housing body and the diffuser cover are preassembled, with the panel being supplied separately. The individual pushbutton caps and signal indicators are inscribed by means of a membrane insert, on which numbers, letters or symbols can be printed, for example – tailor-made to the customer‘s wishes. The printed membrane is inserted between the diffuser cover and the panel and is therefore securely protected against abrasion and external influences. While the classic MENTOR pushbutton caps are conceived for use in membrane keypads, this version is operated directly on the front panel without film lamination. In the case of the SMD assembly with pushbuttons and LEDs, duo or RGB LEDs are also possible, so that the customer can put together a tailor-made solution. A possible selection of suitable LEDs and pushbuttons can be found in our keypad component catalog, it is also easy possible to combine models from other manufacturers. The pushbutton caps and adequate signal indicators are offered with an individual inscription insert in the standard size of 15 x 15 mm, as well as in the two heights of 13.0 mm and 15.8 mm. Upon request special versions are also possible – please contact us.

Pushbutton cap 2271 for inscription inserts