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Pushbutton caps with full and point illumination

14. Jul 2010 | In addition to classic pushbutton caps with homogenous full illumination, MENTOR also offers caps with additional point illumination that allow multicoloured signalling of different switching states on only one pushbutton.

The pushbutton caps are available with one or two point illumination as standard. Switching states can be signalled in three different modes: full pushbutton illumination, full and point illumination or only point illumination.

Different coloured LEDs or RGB LEDs can be used for a number of signalling

options. The multicomponent design of these caps, except for the additional one or two clear light-exit surfaces for specific point illumination, is identical to the pushbutton caps with only full illumination. SMD assembly using LEDs and pushbuttons offer a high degree of flexibility for customers.

The pushbutton caps are available in two standard sizes (19 x 19 mm and 15 x 15 mm) and heights (9.7 mm and 12.5 mm); special types are also available on request (other sizes, other pushbutton compatibility options).

Product details and further information about our keypad components line you find here.

Pushbutton caps with full and point illumination