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Push Button Caps 2271

06. Aug 2009 | The new illuminable push button cap line 2271 by MENTOR has been designed for the use with SMD short-travel keys such as can be found with key pads.

Thanks to the 2-component design, consisting of an opaque white housing and a diffuser screen, a unique homogeneous illumination of the button with just two SMD LEDs is possible.

The active switching status is visually indicated in the color of the chosen LEDs; by equipment with varicolored LEDs or RGB-LEDs it is possible to signal different switching status in various colors with just one button – depending on the demands of the environment control panel. The LEDs as well as the buttons can be equipped individually since the button caps are subsequently fitted on the buttons.

The button caps are available in the two well-known sizes (19 x 19 mm and 15 x 15 mm) and heights (9.7 mm and 12.5 mm) as stock offer. Naturally, special executions in other dimensions or with other button receptacles are available upon request.

Detailed information and layout suggestions for the combination with different short-travel keys (e. g. our pushbutton switch 1254.1007) can be gathered from the new cap button booklet that can be ordered here free of charge or downloaded as a PDF-file catalog.

Push Button Cap 2271