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Product Novelties

MENTOR to present new ultra flat pushbutton caps for illuminated membrane keypads

12. Nov 2012 | MENTOR presents new illuminated pushbutton caps with the extremely small installation heights of 3.6 mm and 5.2 mm for use with snap domes and miniature short stroke pushbutton switches in flat input systems. Requiring only the minimum of space, these new pushbutton caps are ideal for robust custom membrane keypad designs presenting touch areas with full homogenous surface illumination.

For maximised design potential, customers can equip these flat pushbutton caps with SMD LEDs and pushbutton switches or snap domes for any combination of illuminating colours and actuating forces. The two component housing is fitted with four SMD Micro SIDELEDs or four SMD Firefly LEDs for uniform, full surface illumination. Also SMD dual and RGB LEDs can be used for more complex colour schemes.
The slightly convex diffusor allows labels to be inserted over the touch areas.
The flat pushbutton caps are available in the size 12 x 12 mm and 
15 x 15 mm. On request, also special variants are possible in other sizes and with other colour incorporations.

Applications in membrane keypads
Membrane keypads fulfil the high weathering and mechanical requirements needed to operate in harsh environments. Owing to their imperviousness to liquids and dust and their resistance to chemicals and UV irradiation, they are used above all wherever surface resistance must fulfil high demands, e.g. in machinery, plant, medical installations, automation, etc. Presenting very small installation heights, membrane keypads are ideal for integration in custom control layouts. One further operational and convenient advantage e.g. over touch screens lies in the keys’ tactile feedback, especially when they are being operated with gloved hands.

Released: 10/2012