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Light guides for stand-alone indicators

04. Aug 2011 | Standalone LEDs used as signal indicators can be positioned on the circuit board independently of the pushbutton. Single or grouped light guides can now signal e.g. various switch or activation modes or can function as classical ON/OFF or Caps Lock indicators.

MENTOR provides single and quad light guides for precision fitting on the two standard heights (9.7 mm or 12.5 mm) of MENTOR keypad components. The LEDs can therefore be easily connected to all pushbutton caps and signal indicators in the catalogue to design customised keypads.

Single light guide 1282.x and 1292.x
The single light guides with planar LED coupling are available in two versions with diameters of 3.2 mm (1282.x) and 2 mm (1292.x) respectively. The countersunk head allows the light guides to be mounted flush to the front panel. Also available in colour on request.

Quad indicator 1296.x
This four segment indicator with spherical signalling surface of 2 mm diameter is designed for use with 0805 CHIPLEDs or smaller. The black mask keeps the light guide firmly in position under its pins and suppresses blooming so that the indicator can use mixed colours.

Keypad application with stand-alone light guides