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M-Cut - the new 2-D light guide system by MENTOR

10. Nov 2014 | Realising individual light guides solutions fast, simply and economically at low order quantities - this is the basic concept of the new M-Cut light guide system presented by MENTOR at the Electronica 2014.

The new M-Cut light guide system is based on precisely machined PMMA plates. These can either be fully transparent or fitted with scattering particles used under a diffusion foil or a sealed membrane keypad.  The light experts from MENTOR advise on the geometry of the light guide and make recommendations on the selection and positioning of the LEDs. 

Three M-Cut light guide types: area - bargraph - solid strip
Three different types form the basis of the M-Cut range: the area, the bargraph and the solid strip light guide.  With M-Cut area light guides high-quality custom-made background illuminations for logos, graphics or info areas can be realised. The bargraph light guide makes individual multiple displays possible and the solid strip guide serves the purpose of backlighting lines, graphs and writing more homogeneously. The mounting of all three M-Cut light guide types is effected by simply pressing lugs into a printed circuit board. Alternative mounting processes, e. g. clamping or screwing are normally also possible.

No tool costs. Low minimum quantities.
MENTOR’s  M-Cut, manufacturing process deliberately avoids the use of conventional injection moulding tools. This makes it possible to realise custom-made light guides quickly and there are no tooling costs, even for low (300 pcs) minimum order quantity.

High variability. Many different possibilities.
The new M-Cut light guide system makes it possible to custom-design two of the three dimensions of the light guide. This 2-dimensional variability opens up unlimited possibilities. Solid strip light guides following the shape, e. g. under a curved housing cover  possible as well as bargraph indicators with up to 100 elements or area light guides with custom free-form shapes.  

Versatile. Fast. Cost-efficient.
With M-Cut, MENTOR presents a new light guide system that offers many benefits for electronic design engineers: The  versatility of the system provides much scope for creative and unique designs and the tool-free manufacturing process with low MOQs makes simple and fast realisation possible without initial tool investments.

More information
about M-Cut, the new light guide system für custom solutions are available in our new light guide catalogue LL13.

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Three M-Cut light guide types: area - bargraph - solid strip
Three M-Cut light guide types: area - bargraph - solid strip

High variability. Many different possibilities.
High variability. Many different possibilities.