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Product Novelties

LED surface luminaire light for logos, signs and text

15. Oct 2019 | Light offers the widest range of possibilities to anyone who wants to, quite literally, make a mark in their product design. Showcasing of the brand logo, communication of status information via coloured symbols and text, or ...

M-Fibre - Innovative side light fibre for product-integrated light solutions

29. Mar 2018 | As one of the leading specialists in product-integrated LED light, extend our technology range for customised light solutions with the addition of M-Fibre, a new side light fibre system.

Ring LED light used as a standard component for switches, buttons, knobs, connectors, controllers and logos

25. Oct 2016 | Just like in the consumer goods sector, design aspects in the field of machinery and equipment are also becoming increasingly important. In this context, the use of lights in products is of particular relevance. More and more designers and product developers are recognizing the many ways light can be used to create a functional, aesthetic and emotional added value in their products. In order to make it possible to integrate light in a simple and cost-effective manner in products, MENTOR is presenting new ring led lighting module as a standard component. 

Variable and cost-effective solutions: New MENTOR signal lights with SMD-LED for use in front panels and enclosure front panels

25. Oct 2016 | Based on an SMD LED, MENTOR has developed a new signal light, which is available in a wide range as a standard product and offers a variety of options for customized solutions. During development we focused on ease of assembly, efficiency and variability, so that the new signal light can be used in many applications both indoors and outdoors.

MENTOR is expanding its range of handles in eight product families

24. Oct 2016 | MENTOR, the specialist in electronic and mechanical components, has considerably expanded its range of handles and presented over 50 new handles in eight product families at Electronica in Munich.

NEW: Push button 1446 in reflow-capable THR version

19. Oct 2015 | The horizontal push buttons in the 1445/1446 series are among the popular classics in MENTOR’s range of electro-magnetic THT devices. Designed as pulse buttons, these robust, unipolar push buttons have for many years performed successfully in a very wide variety of uses, e.g. as reset buttons.

M-Cut - the new 2-D light guide system by MENTOR

10. Nov 2014 | Realising individual light guides solutions fast, simply and economically at low order quantities - this is the basic concept of the new M-Cut light guide system presented by MENTOR at the Electronica 2014.

New in the MENTOR range: Square light guides

10. Nov 2014 | As well as high functionality, aesthetic aspects are becoming ever more important for the design of modern machines and devices. To give designers and device developers even more design options, MENTOR is adding to its current round and rectangular light guides a range light guides that feature square radiating surfaces.

MENTOR presents unique multiple light guides for rear mounting in front panels

10. Nov 2014 | MENTOR supplements its recently introduced new range of “single light guides for rear mounting” with some further useful variants.The light guides for rear mounting with planar or spherical head form are now also available as multiple versions.

MENTOR introduces new panel-mounted, rear-fixing light guides for improved lighting illumination

23. Apr 2014 | Superior lighting effect and flush front-panel mounting. At Light + Building 2014 in Frankfurt MENTOR showcased a clever new collection of rear-mounted light guides. This new range is the latest addition to MENTORs popular light guide offer.

MENTOR applies for patent for 7-segment display with infinitely variable height

12. Nov 2012 | 7-segment displays are classic indicating elements that interact in combination with man-machine interfaces such as keyboards, for example. These new 7-segment displays from MENTOR compensate mechanical height differences to printed circuit boards during SMD assembly with their variable height.

MENTOR is extending its light guide range with new miniature light guides with a grid dimension of 2.54

12. Nov 2012 | MENTOR, leading manufacturer in the area of light guide systems presents its new range of miniature light guides with radiating surfaces of 2 mm diameter with a grid dimension of 2.54. Thereby, MENTOR extends its broad portfolio with of over 150 miniature light guides.

MENTOR to present new ultra flat pushbutton caps for illuminated membrane keypads

12. Nov 2012 | MENTOR presents new illuminated pushbutton caps with the extremely small installation heights of 3.6 mm and 5.2 mm for use with snap domes and miniature short stroke pushbutton switches in flat input systems. Requiring only the minimum of space, these new pushbutton caps are ideal for robust custom membrane keypad designs presenting touch areas with full homogenous surface illumination.

Light guides for stand-alone indicators

04. Aug 2011 | Standalone LEDs used as signal indicators can be positioned on the circuit board independently of the pushbutton. Single or grouped light guides can now signal e.g. various switch or activation modes or can function as classical ON/OFF or Caps Lock indicators.

Pushbutton cap/signal indicator for inscription inserts

04. Aug 2011 | Building on the principle of the well-known MENTOR pushbutton caps, the „pushbutton cap for individual inscription inserts“ consists of a standard 2-component housing, a modified diffuser cover and an additional panel for clipping on.

Plunger with or without point illumination

19. Jul 2011 | As a useful addition to our pushbutton caps, we also offer plungers for short-stroke pushbuttons. These are designed for keypad applications where full illumination is not required. These lower cost plungers can be freely combined with the pushbutton caps and signal indicators from the MENTOR range of keypad components.

Pushbutton caps with full and point illumination

14. Jul 2010 | In addition to classic pushbutton caps with homogenous full illumination, MENTOR also offers caps with additional point illumination that allow multicoloured signalling of different switching states on only one pushbutton.

Signal Indicators 2271

04. Nov 2009 | MENTOR’s new signal indicators are used as signal or warning light in key pads for instance in order to indicate visually switch status. They are suitable especially for the design of input systems below control foils and are the perfect complement to MENTOR’s illuminable push button caps which were introduced just recently.

Push Button Caps 2271

06. Aug 2009 | The new illuminable push button cap line 2271 by MENTOR has been designed for the use with SMD short-travel keys such as can be found with key pads.