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Expansion of MENTOR light industrial production in Pforzheim

30. Jul 2012 | As a lighting specialist and manufacturer of lighting modules and systems, MENTOR is in a process of continuous further development of know-how, tool manufacturing methods, production and quality measurement of the products. For this reason, MENTOR has acquired a new building situated near to its subsidiary company Albert Weidmann Licht-Elektronik GmbH in Pforzheim, where a plastic injection moulding plant is being constructed to meet special lighting production requirements.

For the production of sophisticated and high-performance optics in particular, sufficient space for handling is required. In the new production hall, machines can now be installed over a more generous area to meet the particular requirements for surface quality in production, handling and packaging.

In order to considerably improve the shape and dimensional accuracy, investment has been made in a new injection compression moulding machine. This also allows the use of variothermal cooling, a special technology with which tool inserts to be temperature controlled can quickly be switched from heating to cooling operation.

Further expansion measures are production under fundamental clean room conditions through to clean room conditions according to ISO 14644-1, in order to mould optic material in a clean atmosphere without dust inclusions and to also enable sprue separation without surface damage or contamination.