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Custom lighting solutions from MENTOR

28. Mar 2014 | Create added-value with light. More and more designers, deve-lopment engineers and product managers are recognising the benefits of incorporating innovative lighting concepts into their products. Light will not only add functionality to a product, but it can also add an extra “emotional” dimension to clearly differentiate the product against the competition.

MENTOR is an established automotive OEM supplier and a specialist in optoelectronics and light guide systems. This expertise enables MENTOR to produce innovative custom LED lighting systems and lighting modules for use in industrial and building applications.

MENTOR offers a sophisticated five-step development process in its production of custom lighting components. The first step is the initial concept development, then moving onto engineering, virtual light development, visualisation, and finally tooling & production. 

The starting point is always to take the customer’s abstract or concrete ideas and turn them into workable concepts.

A team of highly-qualified engineers takes these initial creative concepts and uses them to develop innovative solutions using Computer Aided Lighting (CAL). This step in the process is carried out in MENTOR’s own in-house lighting laboratory, using the very latest hardware and software tools.

MENTOR’s state-of-the art LED light-guide technology enables the rapid development of sophisticated lighting components. Many options are available: detailed mathematically-calculated facets; prisms; reflective coatings; polymer lenses; and different reflector styles.

MENTOR showcase a number of real-life customer applications at the Light + Building 2014 Show. MENTOR’s new brochure “We realize your lighting ideas” provides more information.

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