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New in the MENTOR range: Square light guides

10. Nov 2014 | As well as high functionality, aesthetic aspects are becoming ever more important for the design of modern machines and devices. To give designers and device developers even more design options, MENTOR is adding to its current round and rectangular light guides a range light guides that feature square radiating surfaces.

Light guides for front panel mounting 
MENTOR’s hugely popular ranges of front panel light guides now includes a new type with a square radiating surface of 3.2 x 3.2mm. These are offered from stock in three standard lengths with other lengths available as custom options. 

Horizontal square light guides - miniaturised 
The new horizontal, square light guides are offered as single-row and three-row versions - both with miniaturised radiating surfaces of 1.4 x 1.4mm. The range of available types goes from single light guides up to the three-row multiple light guides with up to 30 elements. 

Custom-made designs 
All types of the new square light guides can also be supplied custom-made. It is possible to have alternative head sizes as well as coloured light guide models that make the LED display colour visible when the device is off. The provision of custom lengths is normally possible with minimal tooling costs.

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