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MENTOR presents unique multiple light guides for rear mounting in front panels

10. Nov 2014 | MENTOR supplements its recently introduced new range of “single light guides for rear mounting” with some further useful variants.The light guides for rear mounting with planar or spherical head form are now also available as multiple versions.

By means of a flexible plastic chain the single light guides of this series are combined to form a multiple light guide, allowing quick and simple mounting from the inside of the housing front. This system ensures that tolerances between the holes in the housing front are virtually equalised. 

The spherical head light guide with the protrudes from surface of the front panel thus providing a very wide angle of radiation, whilst the planar head version delivers a flush mounting. In both versions no metalwork shields any part of the head  so the entire light guide head of the head is directly lit by the LED.  This results in visibly superior optical performance.

In order to adjust the light guide to individual front panel gauges, it is possible to choose between two lengths of the light guide on the head end, namely 1.5 and 5.0 mm depending on customer requirements.  The length of the light guide on the rear end can be specified between 2.5 and 45.0 mm. As a standard product the new light guides are available as 10-way versions; two-way to nine-way options types are also possible depending on customer requirements.

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