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NEW: Push button 1446 in reflow-capable THR version

15. Sep 2015 | The horizontal push buttons in the 1445/1446 series are among the popular classics in MENTOR’s range of electro-magnetic THT devices. Designed as pulse buttons, these robust, unipolar push buttons have for many years performed successfully in a very wide variety of uses, e.g. as reset buttons.

At the request of many of our customers, we have developed a product variation with version 1446.2233 which, as a THR component, can also be processed in the so-called reflow procedure, thanks to the glass fibre-reinforced thermoplastic used. The material and structure guarantee optimal processing at the high temperatures customary here. 

The product is delivered in suitable blister belt packaging, in line with DIN EN 60286-3, allowing automatic assembly of the components. This guarantees efficient, cost-effective processing, together with SMD components. Since assembly continues to be performed by means of fixing pin and inserted solder joints, it is possible to maintain the good connection to the printed circuit board important for mechanically stressed components and thus achieve the high degree of strength required here. The length of the solder joints may be adjusted for each customer. 

The new push button has a maximum trigger force of 4N and its long shape makes possible the particularly large 2mm stroke. As an assembly element for front panels (FEL) it is compatible with the 19” assembly system in line with DIN EN 60297-3-100:2009-09 and like all MENTOR assembly elements, it conforms to RoHS. Different coloured operating buttons – red, black, grey, blue, yellow, green or in customised colours – may be supplied and built in at the final assembly stage. 

The combination of high mechanical strength in the printed circuit board and cost-effective automatic processing in the reflow procedure makes the new 1446 reflow push button the perfect solution for demanding and cost-critical applications. We are happy to provide professional users (industry, engineering offices or distributors) with a sample free of charge, which may be requested here. 

You can find further information on our new 1446.2233 push button in our product database and our THT catalogue. Many other button and switch solutions can be found here.
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Push-button switch 1446/Reflow
Push-button switch 1446/Reflow