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New - Industrial handle with integrated lighting function for status and function display

24. Jul 2017 | MENTOR has introduced an industrial handle with illuminated status display for a wide range of uses in mechanical engineering and equipment manufacturing and in the field of buildings, security and automation technology. 

Even in the field of commercially used machines, equipment and systems, good product design is an important success factor. Following the motto “good design is as little design as possible,” a product concept was developed in the new, illuminated machine handle, which allows product developers and designers to communication information to the users of a device elegantly, without requiring additional display elements.

Two 5 mm wide light guide rings with circumferentially homogeneous 360° radiation are fitted with a single or duo LED each and integrated in the handle. The two LEDs are actuated independently of each other with 24 V, so that different operating statuses or warning indications can be displayed through the use of different light colours, illumination or flashing, or corresponding combinations of both. The stranded wire or connector connection is routed out through the screw-on surface of the handle. 

The handles are available in three lengths: 200 mm, 270 mm and 320 mm. The handles are made from Durethan PA-6 with a matt black surface and the grip profile is made from natural-coloured anodised and extruded oval moulded aluminium. The integrated light rings are made from translucent PMMA.

The degree of freedom provided by this design enables a wide range of customised variants. So, for example, different handle lengths and bar colours are possible, or different LED colours, a 12 V connection or alternative connections. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about the new industrial handle with integrated illumination function. 
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Detlef Reintges
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Markus Mielchen
Program Development Manager
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The two LEDs are actuated separately from each other.
The two LEDs are actuated separately from each other.

Scheduled in three sizes:  200 mm, 270 mm and 320 mm
Scheduled in three sizes: 200 mm, 270 mm and 320 mm