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MENTOR Automotive: New website and new brochure

30. Jan 2017 | The automotive industry is one of the most innovative when it comes to integrated lighting solutions for interiors –  but it is also one of the most demanding. Visit our new website and read our new brochure entitled Automotive Lighting Solutions to learn why MENTOR is one of the leading OEM providers in this field. 

Find out more about our extensive know-how in all aspects of interior lighting for the automotive industry and our comprehensive product portfolio of lighting solutions for doors, dashboards, footwells, roof linings, trunks and exteriors

Plus, find out more about the hot topic of the moment: RGB color light solutions. Colored light systems for vehicle interiors are becoming increasingly popular and have long since ceased to be the preserve of the premium segment. They have found their way into trend vehicles and are increasingly being included in solid models.

Click here to access the new automotive website and download the new Automotive Lighting Solutions brochure.

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Programm Manager
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The new "Automotive Lighting Solutions" brochure
The new "Automotive Lighting Solutions" brochure