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Functional and aesthetic added value product-integrated light

09. Apr 2019 | The title Story of the LED special issue of Elektronik Praxis reports on the technical possibilities and trends in the realisation of product-integrated light. Available in German only!

Sebastian Wette, Product Manager at MENTOR, and Wolfgang Mursch, CTO, provide information about the different implementation options for project-specific applications in the automotive and non-automotive sectors and talk about the added value that results from light integration for products from a wide range of sectors. 
Our experts will be happy to share their knowledge with you. The report of Elektronik Praxis and the interview with our CTO on the subject: 
LEDs in vehicles and industry: Light is design and function can be found here.

é Titelstory  PDF, 6.0 MB
Sebastian Wette (M. Sc.)
Product Manager
4 0211 20002-59
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Cover Elektronik Praxis
Cover Elektronik Praxis