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MENTOR introduces new panel-mounted, rear-fixing light guides for improved lighting illumination

28. Mar 2014 | Superior lighting effect and flush front-panel mounting. At Light + Building 2014 in Frankfurt MENTOR showcased a clever new collection of rear-mounted light guides. This new range is the latest addition to MENTORs popular light guide offer.

Conventional front-mounted light guides will always be slightly larger than the aperture they are mounted in. The result is that not all of the light guide head is directly illuminated by the LED. The advantage of mounting from the rear of the panel is that all of the light guide head is directly illuminated, producing a markedly superior lighting effect.

The new light guide range includes two different head types: flat and spherical. Whilst the spherical head light guide slightly protrudes beyond the surface of the front panel, the flat head version allows flush mounting. This is often requested for aesthetic and functional reasons.

Mounting is simple and is carried out by compressing the slightly over-sized rings which are moulded into the light guide body. The minimum recommended front-panel thickness is 1.5mm.

In addition to standard light guides, MENTOR also offers custom versions. The length of the light guides can be customer-specified to any length, up to 45.0mm maximum. The depth of the mounting flange can be specified from a minimum of 1.5mm up to a maximum of 5.0mm to accommodate different front-panel thicknesses.

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