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Vertical light guides – for mounting on circuit boards

Vertical circuit board-mountable light guides (vertical light guides) from MENTOR are used in professional electronic developments if the beam surface on the front panel is to be positioned parallel to the circuit board. As a rule, it is fixed to the circuit board with press-fit lugs.
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A variety of options

With its spectrum of vertical light guides, MENTOR offers a very wide range of solutions. Individual light guides and light guide switches, as well as multiple light guides in single, double, triple and quadruple row versions with up to 40-way displays. As well as classic round versions with Ø3mm or bar graph displays with radiating surfaces of 2 x 5 mm, a great many miniaturised versions can be supplied. All versions are available in a wide variety of different lengths.
Custom light guide solutions

The MENTOR range of high-quality standard light guides offers a wide spectrum of very varied solutions. However, in cases where a customised design represents the best solution, MENTOR still offers a great many options. A special length (Size A) can in many cases be implemented simply and at no or minimal tooling cost. Other head shapes and sizes or coloured light guides are also possible. More about custom light guide solutions.

Since light guides always impact on the human/product interface, they influence the design of the devices. Here the vertical light guides with round radiating surfaces offer a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing options, as do the versions with rectangular radiating surfaces (bar graphs). An excellent light pattern always ensures high-quality visualisation here.
Head shapes

Miniature light guides

The miniaturised versions of the vertical light guides are available as individual or multiple light guides. With round (Ø2 mm) or rectangular (2 x 3 mm or 2 x 5 mm) beam surfaces, they offer a wide range of possible designs in a very compact space. More about miniature light guides.
Vertical light guides ...
... with round head

MENTOR’s range of vertical light guides with round head offers single row to quadruple row versions. These are available with a head size of Ø3 mm in grid size 5.08 and as miniaturised versions with a head size of Ø2 mm in grid size 2.54 and 2.54/5.08 mm.

... with rectangular head (bar graphs)

The MENTOR range of vertical light guides with rectangular head (bar graphs) offers individual or multiple light guides with up to ten displays. Two head sizes, 2 x 5 mm and 2 x 3 mm, are available, as are solutions for the grid size 5.08 mm and 2.54 mm.

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Vertical Light Guides

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With round head
... Single elements
... Multi-column, 1-row
... Multi-column, 2-row
... Multi-column, 3-row
... Multi-column, 4-row
With rectangular head
... Single elements, 1-row
... Multi-column, 1-row, 2 x 5 mm, Grid 5,08
... Multi-column, 1-row, 2 x 5 mm, Grid 2,54
... Multi-column, 1-row, 2 x 3 mm (miniaturised)