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Customised light guide

Customised solutions
are our strong point

The MENTOR range of high-quality standard light guides offers a wide spectrum of very varied solutions. It comprises front panel-mountable solutions, as well as vertical or horizontal circuit board-mountable versions, individual and multiple light guides, bar graph displays, different head shapes, a variety of sizes, including also miniaturised versions and flexible light guide systems.

Despite this abundance of standard products, in certain situations, the customised solution of a light guide represents the best solution. For example, this is the case if a very individual radiation effect is required, or if a particularly large amount of time and effort is required to adjust the circuit board or front of the devices to a standard light guide.

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Low minimum order quantities
No tooling costs!?

We know from many years’ experience that individual adjustment of the length is frequently required to adapt a standard light guide to individual requirements. An intelligent tool strategy enables us to implement these solutions for our customers at no or minimal tooling costs, and with low minimum order quantities.

We have designated light guides with which a customised length can be implemented within the stated length variations (Size A) at no or minimum tooling costs, with the symbol C+. The plus here stands for the particular cost-effectiveness of these solutions. We designate solutions where this possibility does not exist but which have a great variety of tool-dependent special versions, with the symbol C.
Examples of
customised solutions

  • Other head shapes and sizes
  • Other dimensions
  • Other spacing
  • Special fixing options
  • Coloured light guides
  • Diffuse light guides
  • 2K solutions
  • Alternative materials
  • Surface coating and refinement

These are only a few examples of individual customer requirements that are implemented regularly by MENTOR. Here, everything is possible from the minor modification of a standard product to the development of stand-alone, individual solutions.
An enquiry is
always worth

Implementing customised solutions is one of the core competences of MENTOR. Experienced product developers, together with our customers, produce the best and most cost-effective solution.

The number of different possibilities for customised solutions is so great that they cannot be presented in detail here. It is always worth while to ask our light guide specialists. It is best to do so early in the development process so that you can take advantage of all the possibilities to achieve your goal with a customised light guide.
For direct contact to your light guide specialist:
4 0211 20002-43 or
Technology for
innovative solutions

The possibilities with which MENTOR offers innovative lighting solutions are as many and various as the requirements of our customers. A wide range of the most varied light guides with facets, prisms or reflection coating calculated to the last detail, classic polymer optics, reflectors and diffusers, combined with state-of-the-art LED technology enable us to solve even the most challenging lighting problems. More about Customized Light Design, realised by MENTOR.
As a leading supplier of mechanical, electronic and opto-electronic components, we have for many years developed customised lighting solutions for the automotive sector and many other industries. Starting with design development through engineering, virtual light development and its visualisation and tool-making to production, ready-made customised lighting components are created here in five steps. The starting-point here is always the customer’s specific, and yet often still abstract idea. More about solutions from a single source.

In order to do justice to the wide variety of customer demands, an experienced team of highly qualified experts at MENTOR, equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software and an in-house lighting laboratory, develops innovative solutions using Computer Aided Lighting (CAL). More about professional light development.
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Customised solutions
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Square light guides

General description
For front panel assembly
... All
For circuit board assembly
... Horizontal, All
... Horizontal, 1-row
... Horizontal, 3-row

M-Cut 2D –light guide systems

General description
... Area Light Guide
... Bargraph Light Guide
... Solid Strip Light Guide
... All

Flexible Light Guides

General description
Range overview
... For SMD-LEDs
... For THT LEDs
... Accessories
Miniature Light Guides

General description
Range overview
For front panel assembly
... Standard
... IP68
... All
for PCB-mounting
... Horizontal, Round
... Horizontal, Square
... Horizontal, Rectangular
... Horizontal, All
... Vertical, Round
... Vertical, Square
... Vertical, Rectangular

Front panel Light Guides

General description
Range overview
... Round, Inject face: Straight (0°)
... Round, Inject face: Angular (45°)
... Accessories
... IP68, Round, Inject face: Straight (0°)
... IP68, Round, Inject face: Angular (45°)
... Square head, Inject face: Straight (0°)
... Round, Single, Planar
... Round, Single, Spherical
... Round, Single, All
... Round, Multiple, Planar
... Round, Multiple, Spherical
... Round, Multiple, All
Horizontal Light Guides

General description
Range overview
With round head
... 1-row
... 2-row
... 3-row
... 4-row
With square head
... 1-row
... 3-row
With rectangular head
... 1-row (Bargraph)

Vertical Light Guides

General description
Range overview
With round head
... Single elements
... Multi-column, 1-row
... Multi-column, 2-row
... Multi-column, 3-row
... Multi-column, 4-row
With rectangular head
... Single elements, 1-row
... Multi-column, 1-row, 2 x 5 mm, Grid 5,08
... Multi-column, 1-row, 2 x 5 mm, Grid 2,54
... Multi-column, 1-row, 2 x 3 mm (miniaturised)