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As an internationally successful corporation, Mentor has been setting standards in the technical development and implementation of mechanical, electronic and optoelectronic components for diverse areas of application in industry for decades.
Light Guide Systems for SMD-LEDs & THT LEDs
Easy to mount, space-saving and deblurred light guide solutions with very high luminous efficiancy and perfectly homogeneous lighting. Our range comprises front panel-mountable solutions, as well as vertical or horizontal versions for mounting on circuit boards, individual and multiple light guides, bar graph displays, different head shapes, a variety of sizes, including miniaturised versions and flexible light guide systems. More to light guide systems for SMD and THT LEDs.

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Variations of Light
The modular M-Tube system is a unique LED lighting system designed for unusual and innovative lighting solutions. It consists of solid - rigid or flexible - “rod” light guides of varying thicknesses and lengths, along with high-power Dragon LED modules. More Information about Variations of Light

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